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Our Team of Qualified Health Care Providers

We address the human health troubles that arise from compromised movement, alignment and neurology. Various adjustment, soft tissue, modality and therapeutic exercise techniques are utilized to manage health problems and to maximize human performance.


Dr. Stephen Viljakainen


Doctor of Chiropractic & Functional Neurologist


Dr. Stephen Viljakainen is a chiropractor who is passionate about improving people's lives with natural evidence-based health care utilizing the principles of biomechanics and neurology.

Dr. Viljakainen earned his Bachelor of Science (Biology) at York University. After studying naturopathic medicine for 2 years, Dr. Viljakainen pursued his growing interest and desire to help others overcome debilitating pain and mobility issues by achieving his Doctor of Chiropractic at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario. Having taken many continuing education courses in the the various areas of adjusting technique, clinical science and rehabilitation Dr. Viljakainen rediscovered his student groove with the first 15 hour course entitled “Neuron Theory” of the Carrick Institute’s Functional Neurology diplomate program. In 2011, Dr. Viljakainen was one of six Canadian doctors to achieve his Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board.


Now after many more 00’s of hours of course work in functional neurology, the brain and human function are totally entrenched as his favorite vocational topic. The practice is now focused on chiropractic care and musculoskeletal rehabilitation of the spine and peripheral structures, the treatment of Post Concussion Syndrome and other functional neurological disorders.

Dr. Viljakainen finds that the better his understanding of the patient from both a biomechanical and neurological perspective the more specific the diagnosis and treatment plan can be. Recommendations within a treatment plan are offered to patients to assist them along their own unique road to recovery. He practices chiropractic using techniques known as Diversified, Manual, Activator, Thompson, Soft Tissue Techniques, Cranial Adjustments, and is certified in Decompression and Laser Therapy. He provides variable levels of personalized exercise instruction and nutritional advice (case dependent) to support biomechanical and metabolic aspects of healing through lifestyle.

Dr. Viljakainen is married to Connie Viljakainen. They have 4 cool kids who are each involved with graduate and undergraduate studies. Dr. Viljakainen enjoys studying various subjects in biology; hiking; finding and identifying wild mushrooms; cooking; playing tennis and gardening.

Dr. Viljakainen has personal experience with degenerative back problems and recognizes the tremendous value of regular chiropractic care, good posture, exercise and an active lifestyle to support and maintain biomechanical function for the management of both acute and chronic problems. To move without or with little discomfort and dysfunction means being able to live life to its fullest. The foundation to a healthy and successful life is the ability to move well.

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