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Dr. Steve offers a variety of treatments, including diversified chiropractic manipulation, mobilization, soft tissue therapy, myofascial release therapy, ergonomic and postural advice, and rehabilitation programs.

In clinic, laser and decompression therapy are alternative modalities.

While he treats a variety of aches and pains within all ages, Dr. Steve has a special interest in the field of Functional Neurology for the rehabilitation of brain injury patients. He integrates key Functional Neurology concepts to support and enhance his chiropractic treatments.

Initial Consultation

Book an initial consultation to identify any areas of bio-mechanical dysfunction contributing to your pain and impaired mobility.

Develop an evidence based treatment plan to empower your well being.


Chiropractic Care

Spinal Manipulation Therapy, Soft Tissue Therapy & Integrated Exercise Instruction, Nutritional Advice & Functional Neurology Concepts​

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Laser Therapy

Accelerate the healing of damaged tissues using light energy to stimulate localized blood flow, promote cell regeneration and reduce pain and inflammation. 

Laser therapy is an evidence-based, safe, painless and high tech healthcare alternative.


Decompression Therapy

An alternative non-surgical  method to treat back and neck problems associated with disc problems. A gentle mechanical pull is applied to help relieve pain symptoms onset by discogenic protrusions and nerve irritation. 

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