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INitial Consultation

Your History, Physical Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

Do you suffer from back or neck pain, other joint pain and/or inflammation, headaches, impaired balance and coordination, post concussion symptoms? Are you interested in using a natural, evidence informed biomechanical and functional neurological approach to healing from these and other less common human health problems?    


You can take charge of your health and make an appointment!  We always start with a consultation to understand where you are at and how you got there; your personal challenges and the mechanisms that are interfering with your return to health; and what your priorities are.  The consultation directs Dr. Steve to an appropriate physical examination and functional testing that allows identification and quantification of areas of bio-mechanical and neurological dysfunction that contribute to or cause your mobility, pain and other health issues.  Your history and exam findings together allows us to generate and give you a diagnosis or differential diagnosis that we can put to the test with a recommended personal trial treatment plan.


What services might be included in your treatment plan?

Your treatment plan recommendations will be unique to you and target the problems that you prioritize and we expect to be able to help you with.  Treatment modalities that we typically utilize and find most helpful include various chiropractic adjustment techniques; active and passive soft tissue techniques; therapeutic exercise/posture; theralase laser therapy; decompression therapy; sensory-motor integration retraining (eye tracking, balance, coordination, reaction and processing time ...) and lifestyle, nutrition support advice.   Each component of your treatment plan contributes to different but overlapping therapeutic purposes such as restoring movement, increasing strength and coordination, improving circulation and local or general fitness, helping your brain to better understand where you are in your environment and where your parts are in relation to one another.  


Our friendly and experienced staff will make sure you always feel comfortable and well-informed.


Book your initial consultation today by calling 519 986 2311 or emailing


Naturally supporting the healing process to keep people and their loved ones healthy is our work!

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